About Alertik

Stop Searching and Start Finding with Alertik, the best app on the market offering real-time, customized notifications for buyers of wholesale and investment property in the United States. It uses a trusted network of databases and innovative technology to deliver customized US wholesale and investment real estate notifications in real time. This means you’ll be able to specify what type of wholesale or investment property you’re looking for, give a location, range, price, and more. You’ll then get push notifications anytime anyone posts property for sale that meets your criteria. Don’t waste time pouring through tedious email newsletters or searching hundreds of databases looking for US properties that meet your needs when you can set up an alert and have the information you’re looking for delivered to you in real time.

You can customize your notifications according to several different preferences, including:

  • Geographic area
  • Type of Property
  • Price

Alertik will let you know when the property you’re looking for gets listed. It uses powerful technology to access the best resources in the market to find, organize, and deliver all kinds of property. Some of the many investment options you’ll have access to include:

  • Vacant land deals
  • Owner Finance Land
  • Wholesale Bulk Packages
  • Development Projects
  • Cheap Houses
  • Fix & Flip Deals
  • Distressed Properties
  • Cash-Flow Rental Properties
  • Multi-Family Properties
  • Mobile & Trailer Homes

Alertik is the only app of its kind on the market today. It offers a number of innovative features and helpful benefits for users, including:

  • Custom Wholesale Real Estate Listing Notifications – Find the type of property you want where you want it.
  • Saves time – No more tedious searches across multiple databases and websites, Alertik brings everything to you!
  • Real-Time Notifications – You’ll know when property matching your needs gets posted, giving you an advantage over the competition.
  • Exclusive Access – Alertik is the only app on the market offering customized, real time notification services for wholesale property sales.

It’s Free to Try, so download it now and find your next investment property.